Designing for Dementia: Problems, Solutions and Opportunities - Caregiver & Expert Sharing

Join in on this open sharing as part of Designathon We Remember 2018, as we hear from caregivers to persons with dementia and experts on the key aspects that make up living and caring for a loved one with dementia. Hear from caregivers on the problems and challenges faced, how they currently find solutions to resolve issues that arise at home and what opportunities there are for makers to support the community through design.

Experts will cover the key areas of living and caring for a person with dementia, practical tips on managing dementia and what to look out for when creating solutions to support families facing dementia. Hear also from successful start-ups that have created solutions to support the community.

  • What makes up the care journey for a loved one with dementia?
  • What are the daily living activities and problems & challenges at home?
  • How do caregivers find solutions to resolve issues that arise?
  • What are the self-developed solutions out there?

  • Types of dementia
  • The key areas of living and caring for a person with dementia
  • Practical tips on managing dementia and the daily living activities
  • (bathing and personal hygiene, dressing, toileting and incontinence)
  • Hear from successful start-ups on the dementia solutions they have created to support the community
  • 9.45am - Registration
  • 10.10am - Opening
  • 10.25am - The Caregiver's Voice
    > Christel Goh, Previous caregiver to Grandad with dementia, Founder of Hua Hee
    > Sock Hoon, Caregiver to Mum with dementia
  • 11.25am - Break
  • 11.40am - The Experts Voice
    > Lee Lee Sian, Senior Occupational Therapist, Institute of Mental Health (IMH)
    > Julian Koo, CEO & Co-Founder, Jaga-Me
  • 12.40pm - Designathon We Remember 2018 Sharing
  • 12.50pm - Wrap Up / Close

About Designathon We Remember 2018

Designathon We Remember 2018 looks to empower the community to come together to design for dementia! The event brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, students, caregivers, healthcare workers and social service providers to collaborate and identify design solutions for persons with dementia and their caregivers in Singapore.

Join in on various activities across the month of September and October 2018, as we view dementia from different perspectives, and explore how we can design for dementia.

Have an idea and would like to bring it to live?

Submit your ideas to participate in the 3-day Designathon We Remember 2018 Making Event. The event is held in conjunction with the Enabling Festival (5-7 October 2018), a three-day community festival which addresses the growing importance of dementia awareness; to enable those living with dementia to live a life with dignity and share practical tips for caregiving.

Shortlisted teams will be selected to join the 3-day makeathon event to design their own products for persons with dementia; speak to industry experts and mentors; work with caregivers and dementia professionals and win from a total prize pool of over $10,000!

Designathon We Remember 2018 is organised by OneMaker Group and Project We Forgot. This initiative is supported by the Our SG Fund and DesignSingapore Council and hosted at National Design Centre.

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Sat Aug 25, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Alzheimer's Disease Association
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70 Bendemeer Road #06-02 Luzerne Building, Singapore 339940 Singapore
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